United RV Website Update

New Theme; New Features

United RV Center New Website

If you frequent the United RV Center website, you’ve probably noticed a few changes! United RV Center has updated it’s website to a responsive design theme to accommodate more users and devices.

One modern site for any screen size and resolution! We want to make your online shopping experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Mobility on the Mind

You may not know what “responsive” design is, but you’re probably seen it without knowing it.

When you visit your favorite websites on your desktop or laptop computer, you get their whole website experience in your browser. If you want to browse the same site on your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device; you’ve probably had mixed results finding the information you want.

Many older websites use a separate set of information and interface for mobile devices. It’s hard to fit a full desktop website onto a smaller screen, but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice usability and information.

United RV Center now has a responsive theme to present the same information on any size screen! So whether you’re browsing our inventory at home or looking up contact information on your smartphone, you’ll find the same information without having to worry about visiting a special mobile or desktop site. Responsive design takes care of it for you!

Pardon Our Dust

As we are updating our site, there’s a chance some things may not load corre

ctly. This transitional phase involves a lot of clean up and reworking in the website back-end. We’re sorry if something isn’t working correctly, we’re working on eliminating these issues as fast as possible!

The United RV Center website is designed for you; so we want to hear your feedback! Do you miss the old design? What can we add to make the site better for you? Leave a comment below or contact us directly using our website.