Internet on the Road

On the Road

You’re out on the road trying to get away from all of life’s distractions. Why on earth would you want to bring the internet on the road with you? Isn’t the whole point of going on a trip to get away from things like the internet? Well yes, and no.

Staying connected on the road does have it’s positives. Having access to the internet allows you to check for campsites near by, search for a great place to eat, and find fun adventures in the area. If you are feeling ambitious you can even blog about your adventure on the road.

The internet allows for an easy way to keep in touch with family and friends if you are planning a long trip. Let’s be honest having the internet will allow the time on the road to pass by much more quickly.

How does it work?

Basically, there are three ways to gain access to the internet while you are out on the road.

1. Public/Private Accessible Wifi Networks-
The cheapest way to get access to the internet is stopping at a place with public wifi that you can log onto. Places such as McDonalds, RV Parks, Libraries, Rest Stops, Starbucks. While this is the cheapest it’s also the most inconvenient way to gain access, and kind of eliminates the positives of being connected. It forces you to stop and makes your trip twice as long. In my opinion it’s not worth it.

2. Satellite Connection-_pa2000r_250
Your second option is a satellite connection. Some examples of this are Dish and  Starband. By the use of a satellite dish your RV uploads and downloads data through the same satellites that your TV would. This is a good option, however, the service is probably the most expensive of the three options. However, a lot of people like this convenience of both internet and TV in their RV.

3. MIFI “Mobile WIFI”-
My personal favorite is mobile wifi. This is usually a small device that you can tether to with your laptop or tablet. How well this works usually depends on which service provider you have. You can google wireless coverage maps and see who works best for you. This is by far the most cost effective and popular way to connect while on the go. There are also a lot of guides on how to boost your reception, which we will talk about in a later post.

United RV

I hope this helps answer some of the questions when it comes to the internet and your RV. Just remember why you bought an RV in the first place and try not to let the internet over run your trip. Also, let us know how you stay connected on your long trips!


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