Best of Texas BBQ

Top Texas BBQ Joints

ribsHere in Texas we love our barbecue. Whether it’s ribs, brisket, or anything in between, we know good barbecue when we see it, and apparently the nation does as well!

Recently a report was done by The Daily Meal on the 35 best Rib Joints in America, and wouldn’t you know it, Texas is well represented throughout the list.

The list, which includes several top barbecue restaurants, includes three restaurants from Texas in the top 10!

Here are some of the places that were on the list from Texas, and if you haven’t tried them, it may be time to hit the road for a little Texas barbecue road trip!

Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que, Llano, Texas

Located in Llano, TX this BBQ joint has been doing it right for years. Famous for their “Big Chop”, their ribs are also amazing.

Not only are they good, but you’re also allowed to choose your own rack, right off the grill.

You can’t get that everywhere, but at Cooper’s, you are treated right!

Off the Bone, Dallas

Off the Bone has been serving high quality ribs and BBQ out of a converted gas station for years now.

Award-winning chef Dwight Harvey presents his famous brisket, ribs and much more at this convenient location in the Cedars section of Downtown Dallas.

A popular lunch spot for many businesses, you better take some time if you want this BBQ, because trust me, you won’t be the only one with a craving for it.

Smoke, Dallas

While Smoke is not a traditional BBQ joint, it does have some great tasting ribs! It is located inside Dallas’s Belmont Hotel and features many other items besides barbecue, but there are several smoked meats on the menu.

Famous for the giant “big rib”, it is served with a chimichurri sauce that provides a great kick but without the sauce they are just fine as well!

The Salt Lick, Driftwood, Texas

This restaurant in Driftwood Texas cracked the top 10 on the Top 35 Best Ribs in America.

According to the report the ribs were so good they will “bring you to tears.” If something is that good, I would never stop eating them!

Featured on several Travel Channel shows as well as Forbes magazine, The Salt Lick walks the walk and talks the talk!

Franklin Barbecue, Austin, Texas

Another in the top ten, Franklin Barbecue might have the most interesting story on this list.

Franklin BBQ was started in late 2009 in a travel trailer that was converted into a brisket stand.

Once word got out how amazing their food was, lines began to form around the block, and more attention soon followed.

In less than two years, contributors from The Washington Post, Texas Monthly and others were recognizing Franklin Barbecue as one of the best. Bon Appetit was calling Franklin BBQ the best in America.

After outgrowing the trailer and moving into their new location, the restaurant still has sold out of brisket every day of its existence, and the lines continue to grow.

City Market, Luling, Texas

According to the report this was Texas’ best spot for ribs, coming in at number 5 in the overall list.

According to the report, “You’d be hard-pressed to find better brisket, and the ribs are simply out of this world.”

If you haven’t been to City Market in Luling, it is definitely worth the drive.

United RV

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We would like to know what your favorite barbecue place in Texas! Leave a comment below or let us know on our Facebook page!


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