Texas Family Camping

Family Camping

texas outdoor familyHave you been wanting to get the kids or grandkids hooked on the outdoors? Did you know the state of Texas offers great programs for families to learn about camping?

Well they do, and the results are great!

Texas Parks and Wildlife offers a great program called Texas Outdoor Family, which holds programs throughout the year on various subjects related to the outdoors to get families excited about camping and other outdoor activities.

The best part of these programs is that no camping experience or equipment is required to attend these programs, just your body and the willingness to learn!

In Texas Outdoor Family programs you will receive hands-on instruction learning basic outdoor skills by highly skilled outdoor specialists and trained volunteers.

Some of the things you will be taught at these camps include:

  • How to set up and break down camp (including your tent)
  • Fire starting
  • Outdoor cooking
  • How to use a GPS
  • Geocaching
  • Introductions to a wide range of outdoor activities (such as fishing, kayaking, wildlife watching)

Camping as a family is a great way to not only get outdoors yourself, but to also teach young kids the importance and beauty the outdoors can hold.

With more and more kids being dragged down by all different kinds of screens, planning a fun, family camping trip can get them excited about the world!

Texas Outdoor Family clinics are held throughout the year at several different locations around the state.

If you are looking to get a head start on your camping game this summer, here are some events coming up that might get you started!

Cedar Hill State Park Special 2-night Family Fishing Workshop

May 2-3

This program will provide you with an opportunity to several activities such as fishing, camping basics and more. It will take place over the course of 2 days and does require an overnight stay.

Cedar Hill State Park Special 2-night Careful Kayaking Workshop

May 9-10

This program will give you the tools necessary to be comfortable kayaking as well as give you basic camping instruction as well!

This is also a program that requires an overnight stay.

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