RV Kitchen Space Savers

Helpful RV Kitchen Products

When traveling in an RV, we all know that the kitchen is a very important place.

This is the space where the magic happens. Where amazing, home cooked meals will make you wonder why you ever go out to eat in the first place.

But sometimes, kitchen space can become cluttered, leaving you with no room to work your magic. Saving space in your RV kitchen is key, and making the most of your space is essential to the cooking process.

If you find your RV kitchen space is cramped and could use an upgrade, you can find several products that can help right here in the United RV online parts store!

Here are some items that can assist you on your quest to become clutter free!

1. Home Products Kitchen Kaddy

kitchen kaddy

Kitchen Kaddy

The Kitchen Kaddy is a basic storage organizer that is inexpensive and can save you lots of space. Your RV cabinets should be for food, not for space eaters like bulky cleaning items.

The Kitchen Kaddy simply screws onto the inside of your cabinets, leaving your cabinet with space but your bulky items not far away.

With the Kitchen Kaddy your shelves will be stocked with the items you want!

2. Camco Knife Safe

camco knife safe

Camco Knife Safe

Knives can take up loads of drawer space in your kitchen, sure, but they can also be dangerous if placed in an area that could fly open on the road!

With this Camco Knife Safe, get peace of mind knowing that your group will be safe, while having more drawer space!

The knife safe can hold seven knives up to 2 inches wide and can be attached to any door or cabinet, making them safe but also easy to use.

If you want to be safe as well as free up some space, the Camco Knife Safe is a great way to accomplish that at a low price.

3. Camco Splash/Splatter Guard

splash guard

Camco Splash/Splatter Guard

When cooking in such a closed environment like an RV, splashing and splattering of liquids can not only hurt the cook, but it can create quite a mess around the RV.

With the Camco Splash/Splatter Guard, you can keep the splash contained within the range, and keep everything else protected.

This high-impact, plastic splatter shield goes 11″ up your wall and is perfect for any cook that knows a little mess is necessary to create a great meal.

4. AP Products Jumbo Helper Shelf

AP Products Helper Shelf

AP Products Helper Shelf

Let’s go inside the cabinets for this next product.

Is there anything worse than stacking your grocery items on top of one another in a cramped cabinet, only to have them all come crashing down on you when you reach for the top item? Fear no more!

With the Jumbo Helper Shelf from AP Products, you can still stack your items, but now stack them on a shelf!

Simply place this shelf inside your cabinets to create more room and less clutter!

United RV

If any of these products interest you, you can buy them at our online parts store!

Our parts store not only features items for your kitchen, but for anything you might need dealing with your RV or camping!

From LED TVs to tent repair kits, we want to be your go to shop for all your RV parts and accessories!

Feel free to comment below to tell us what your favorite RV kitchen accessories are!


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