Understanding RV Winterization

Basic RV Winterization

As winter approaches us again, it’s time to begin the process of preparing your RV for storage over winter with term commonly called, “winterizing”.

The act of winterizing is very simple and can usually be done at home with simple tools. However, your local RV dealer or repair center will professionally do it for a low fee or for free in some cases. This is handy for people that would rather let a professional handle the job or those who simply don’t have the extra time to prepare their RV for winter storage.

The basic process of winterizing your RV involves preparing the water lines and system to avoid freezing during colder temperatures. This is achieved by one of two popular ways:

Draining Your Tanks

The first option is to drain all the water tanks and lines to prevent freezing and breaking. Essentially, you drain everything from the fresh water holding tanks, water heater, and black and grey holding tanks. Once you have opened any hot or cold faucets such as sinks and/or showers; use an air compressor to dry out the lines. Once the water has been emptied and lines are dry, you can seal everything back up for winter.

For those that have the equipment and experience, this process of winterization should be easy. Your local RV dealer or service center will be able to complete the process, too.

This is also a good time to clean out tanks and have everything ready for next camping season.

Add Antifreeze to Plumbing

If you do not want to drain out your RV of all water, you can add antifreeze to the plumbing. This method involves a little more work and knowledge of RV mechanics. Do not attempt this without knowing exactly what you are doing.

This process is best left for professionals and experienced RV owners. You should be able to find more information in the owner’s manual for what the manufacturer suggests.

Necessary Chore

Winterizing your RV is a necessary chore to prevent damage to your RV each winter. Just like changing the oil in your vehicle regularly, winterizing your RV should be a regularly scheduled part of maintaining your RV to protect you investment.

United RV

At United RV, we’re happy to assist you prepare your RV for winter. Visit our Service Department’s Specials page to learn about our $99.99 deal to let us take care of everything for you.

For those DIY-people out there, United RV also offers a free and in-depth winterization guide courtesy of GoRVing.com


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