RV Life & Travel

Why should I consider the RV lifestyle?

For your next trip, consider the open road in a closed box. The idea of a summer trip in an RV may seem unappealing to some, or even outdated or old-fashioned in our new digital-centric lifestyles; but hitting the open road in a recreational vehicle could be the ideal vacation you never considered.

The first step in considering a vacation RV trip requires breaking the conventional idea of the stereotypical Winnebago adventure with the grandparents. The best way to do this is by viewing recreational vehicles and their accompanying lifestyle in an unbiased and new perspective. So abandon everything you “know” about RVs and forget that one bad trip you might have had many summers ago.

The world of recreational vehicles has grown, matured, and innovated just like many other industries.

Get with the Times

Remember how boring RVs used to be? Just a huge mobile box with uncomfortable futons for beds and a tiny “bathroom”, right? The mindset of the average citizen has been programmed to think of large, clunky, uncomfortable, and nearly useless machines when thinking about RVs for the sake of comedic effect in clichéd movies and TV sitcoms.

The key phrase of the last statement is, “used to be.”

Comparatively, remember how clunky and cumbersome cell phones used to be? They were impractical, hard to carry, offered very limited service, were expensive, and difficult to use. Look at that industry today. Just a decade ago it was impressive to see someone with a cellular telephone. Today, it’s impressive to find someone without a smartphone; a top-of-the-line cell phone. This is clear proof to show an industry that strives for innovation and consumer focus can thrive despite a rough beginning.

Holy Wow, RVs are Awesome Now!

Current generations of RVs and travel trailers now rival the living arrangements of some apartments and lofts (and depending where you live, at a better price). Dining areas, kitchens, entertainment areas, comfortable and stylish sleeping arrangements are just a few of the options you’ll find in nearly every new type of RV. New generation RVs come with optional floor plans and features to meet any need or desire for interested RV owners. Find a nearby RV park for the night and you have a comfortable sleeping arrangement that includes electricity, hot water, and Wi-Fi.

Traveling across the county for a family trip is perfect for any family with the aid of an appropriate RV. Kitchen to cook a nice family meal, entertainment for the kids, storage for any amount of luggage, and sleeping quarters for the whole family.

Great on Any Budget

Many people may consider a recreational vehicle nothing more than a luxury item they can’t afford. However, many facilities and businesses across the county offer RV rentals that would prove to rival or beat hotel fees and deposits. Not to mention the added experience and possibilities of camping and adventuring in a RV just further increase the value of a good RV.

Purchasing a RV is also a great investment for a family. Unlike purchasing a new car that will quickly lose value from the day you drive it off the car lot, RVs maintain great resale value and are built to last with proper service and maintenance. Many RV manufacturers pride themselves on the longevity of their products.

Considering RV Life

At the end of the day, RVs are not for everyone. It is a special lifestyle fit for people actively looking and seeking adventure in our nation’s great scenery. The purpose of this article isn’t set to sell you anything (not yet, at least), but just to retool your brain to see RVs in a different light and get past the image of the awkward family vacation image seen too many times on TV.

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