RV Summer Fun in the Sun Tips!

By: United RV Center’s Service Department

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Tip #1: Preparing Your RV For Summer

  • Air out any odors that have accumulated in your RV over the winter by opening all the windows and vents.
  • Flush out all the water lines with an RV tank cleaner product for best results.
  • Test electric and gas appliances and make sure they work properly.  Contact a technician  if there are an issues or you smell gas.

Tip #2:  Rid Your Rig of Odors with Charcoal

  • That’s right this handy trick has been tested and is a good bet to rid your RV of the odor it may have accumulated over the winter.  Make sure to use charcoal without liter fluid on it and place it strategically and liberally in the areas that smell.

Tip #3: Take Good Care of Your Awning

  • Your RV’s awning is the most useful tool to a break from the summer sun, it allows you cooling relief, protects you from the rain, and creates more for you to enjoy while camping.
  • Pay close attention to your awning so it will perform as intended for years to come.
  • Clean the dirt, dust, and other sediment so it wil not accumulate and retracted into the awnings storage space.
  • Use an Awning Stabilizer as much as possible to prevent any wind from twisting it.
  • Use WD-40 on all the moving parts at least once a year.
  • Repair holes immediately, if you don’t the holes can lead to larger and more costly problems.

Tip #4: Prop Up Your Pop-Up using a Foam Pool Noodle

  • Avoid getting gouged by your pop-up while walking around it or working on it by cutting a pool noodle to fit the edges of your pop-up.  Insert the cut noodle into the slides on the bottom and side of the pop-out and make sure the noodle is stabile. The noodle will prevent your pop-up from popping you in your noodle!

Tip #5: Battery Maintenance is Crucial in the Heat

  • The warm temperatures tend to effect  your RV batteries sometimes causing them to discharge more quickly and the battery often fluids topped off more frequently. Regularly check the  battery fluid levels to make sure your battery is maintained for a long life of service.

Tip #6: Regular Generator Checks

  • It is easy to overlook the generator because it is built tough.  Remember it needs regular oil changes, the filter needs to be checked, and replace the filter as needed.

Tip #7: Protection from Storms

  • Have a plan in place for what to do if there is a storm and go over storm procedures with your passengers before you set off on your trip.
  • Take photos of the inside and outside of your RV before your trip to serve as reference should any storm damage occur.
  • Keep the important documents in your RV in a waterproof container so they are not ruined.
  • Remember it is best to camp in elevated area and away from tall trees.
  • Have a flashlight handy and in plain view.
  • Make sure you have a medical emergency kit and include bottled water, food, and any other personal necessities that may be needed.

Tip #8: Always Be Respectful

  • Remember RVing some for many is a lifestyle, and others a new experience. Use RV etiquette at campsite and on the road. Treat others how you would like to be treated, be polite, reasonable, and keep your calm in sticky situations.  Following RV etiquette will help everyone enjoy their travels, and will help issues that arise from getting out of hand.

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