2016 RV Business Top 50 Dealer Award – United RV

United RV Named Among Top 50 in North America

Fort Worth, TX – RV Business magazine recently named local dealership United RV, located at 5100 Airport Freeway in Fort Worth, TX, as one of its 2016 Top 50 RV Dealers in North America.

It was an honor to be recognized by RV Business Magazine as a Top 50 RV Business. Here at United RV, we are a family owned recreational vehicle dealership that strives to put the needs of our customers first. We require complete honesty and integrity in everything we do.

RV Business asked recreational vehicle manufacturers to nominate dealers across the United States and Canada who exemplify best practices and excellence in their field. Nominees were invited to fill out comprehensive applications describing business aspects including customer service and satisfaction, employee training, financial planning, marketing and community involvement. An independent panel of industry experts convened at the RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Ind., the unofficial “RV Capital of the World,” to select the RVB Top 50 from nominated dealers who submitted applications.

Program coordinators expanded the judges’ panel this year, bringing perspectives from even more areas of RV-industry business specialization. The extra hands also helped make lighter work of the applications received, which were in greater number and detail than any previous year, according to Sherman Goldenberg, publisher of RV Business magazine and founder of the Top 50 program.

“As a whole, our applying dealers not only gave us more data this year, but they also went to great lengths to tell us their stories and let their personalities shine through,” Goldenberg said. “It was a tough job for the judges to narrow it down. Those who made the cut should be very proud of that achievement.”

The 2016 class of RV Business Top 50 dealers were honored at a November 9th awards reception in front of an all-industry audience of about 400 during the 2016 RV Dealers Association (RVDA) International Convention/Expo at Bally’s Las Vegas, presented in cooperation with the RVDA of both the United States and Canada and underwritten by the program’s sponsors: Ally Financial Inc., Cummins Power Generation, Dicor Corp., Dometic Corp., Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp., Lippert Components Inc., NTP-STAG, Protective Asset Protection and Wells Fargo CDF.

It was a privilege to receive the award for Top 50 dealers at the RV Business awards reception. United RV was thrilled to have our top managers join us in Vegas to receive this award. It is because of their hard work and our amazing staff that United RV was honored as one of the Top 50 dealers. It was great to meet the other dealers across the United States and Canada to share ideas on what makes an outstanding RV dealership. United RV appreciates RVDA and all of the sponsors for their support. The Convention and Expos were filled with education workshops that allowed us to make relationships with vendors in order to make United RV the best RV dealership it can be.

For more information about United RV, visit www.unitedrv.comrvbtop50logo

Fan Expo Comes to Dallas

This year one of the largest events in North America is coming to the Dallas Convention Center. If you’re a fan of comics, sci-fi, horror, anime, and gaming, you’re going to want to attend this year’s Fan Expo in Dallas. This pop culture event features family friendly activities and even celebrity guests. Thousands of people from all across the country flock to this 3 day event to get their fan filled fun all in one place. Some things you can expect from the expo include kick off parties, costume contests, a cosplay red carpet, autograph sessions, celebrity photo sessions, over 200,000 SQ FT of shopping, exhibitors, rising comic artists, workshops and even Fan Expo speed dating! This is your chance to experience ultimate fandom! Here are some events you should check out.

Fan Expo Kids Lounge

Let the kids enjoy some fun at the kids lounge where they can build with Legos, show off their coloring skills and maybe meet a Stormtrooper or two. There will be tons of activities for them to enjoy like Styrofoam pokeball; make your own superhero masks, pool noodle light sabers and more! Families are welcomed to drop in with their kids 12 and under but must stay with their children during the duration of the activities.

Voice Actor Live Script Reading: Ghostbusters

Listen to top voice actors perform a Live script reading of the Ghostbusters blockbuster. You’ll be laughing along as you listen to the hilarious re-telling of the classic movie. Listen to the voice actors breathe new life into some of the most legendary characters we’ve come to know. Bring the family as this is something you won’t want to miss.

Cosplay Red Carpet

See your favorite characters walk the red carpet in some of the most elaborate costumes you’ve ever seen. These skilled craftsman include dozens of Cosplayers from all across the country and North Texas. All photographers are welcomed to line up to get the best photo!

Autograph and Photo sessions

Don’t miss your chance to get your favorite celebrity signature. There will be designated areas to receive an autograph or photo with some of the coolest celebrities in the industry! Photos will be taken by professional photographers on an 8×10 glossy photo.


There will be over 600 retailers at the Expo selling everything from comics, DVDs, videos, toys, games, t-shirts and more. Whether you’re looking for memorabilia or original artwork, you’ll find it here in over 200,000 SQ FT of shopping!

With so many events at the Expo we’d be here all day listing them all. The Fan Expo runs from June 3 – 5th and you can buy tickets here on the website.

To search for campgrounds near the Dallas Convention Center click here.  If you’re passing through Fort Worth, Texas on your way to the Expo and are in need of a part of service, make sure you stop by United RV Center for all your Sales and Service needs!

How to Survive Flash Flooding in Texas

Trapped_woman_on_a_car_roof_during_flash_flooding_in_Toowoomba_2While it is true that Texas is mostly wide open land and desert during the summer and spring the spring the state undergoes heavy rains that can sometimes lead to flooding.

It is true that your mobile home may fair better than most in those conditions safety should still be a prime concern. Below you will find safety tips for surviving heavy rains and floods in the Lone Star State.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety Nearly 50 percent of all flash flood fatalities nationwide involve vehicles. Saving your life can be as easy as turning your car around when you see water on the road. Never attempt to drive through flooded roadways.
Even in relatively shallow water, tires can act as flotation devices, lifting up big vehicles and sending them downstream. It takes only two feet of water to float a 3,000-lb car. Do not attempt to cross-flooded roads or streams on foot. It can take as little as six inches of water to knock an adult off his or her feet. Furthermore, water may be flowing more rapidly than it appears.

Watch for flooding at bridges and dips in the road. Never drive where water is over bridges or roads. The bridges or the road could suddenly be washed out. If you’re driving at night, be especially careful because visibility is limited. If you should drive into water, don’t try to drive out of it. Get out of the car and safely return to higher ground. Staying on higher ground is key as it will take longer or the water to reach you during the floods.

The Texas Disaster Center explains that if your vehicle becomes surrounded by water or the engine stalls, and if you can safely get out, abandon your vehicle immediately and climb to higher ground. Many deaths have resulted from attempts to move stalled vehicles. When a vehicle stalls in the water, the water’s momentum is transferred to the car. The lateral force of a foot of water moving at 10 miles per hour is about 500 pounds on the average automobile.
The greatest effect is buoyancy – for every foot that water rises up the side of a car, it displaces 1,500 pounds of the car’s weight. So, two feet of water moving at 10 miles per hour will float virtually any car. Many persons have been swept away by flood waters upon leaving their vehicles, which are later found without much damage. Use caution when abandoning your vehicle, and look for an opportunity to move away quickly and safely to higher ground.

DIY Trailer and Roof Repair

Your RV is not just a car it is also your home. That is why taking good care of it is so important. But when you live on the road there isn’t always a mechanic available to fix problems as they arise. That is why it can be good to learn how to do things yourself in case of emergency.

One of the quickest ways to lower the value of your RV is through water damage. Most RVers don’t realize that simple upkeep can extend the life of your RV’s roof up to two decades. Remember, the RV is your home so treat it like you would your house with lots of routine repairs.

Roof repair is fundamental to a functioning RV. The last thing you want is to be stranded and soaked while the inside of your car gets wet, or worse. Below you will find instructions on how to fix your trailer’s roof yourself.

1. Make sure you thoroughly wash your roof to get out any dirt or particles that may have compounded on the road. Not only will it look nicer and cleaner but there will be less debris in the way of your work.

2. If the old sealant is cracked, but not loose or separating from the surface it is not necessary to remove the old sealant. Clean the area using denatured alcohol and add new sealant over the area that is cracked.

3. Buy rubberized Leak Stopper from your local store. Any Walmart or Target should carry them and they go for roughly $20 a gallon.

4. Use an old paintbrush to spread an even coat over the roof and your trailer. It is vital that you wear clothes you do not like and protective gloves while you are doing this since the Leak Stopper contains hazardous materials. You do not want to breathe it in or get any on your skin. I cannot stress the importance of that.

5. Seal around vents, air conditioners, antennas and anything else sticking up through the roof. These are also problem areas that we often never notice until it is way too late. Slow leaks occur around these points and stay hidden for years. When we discover the damage, it is already very much advanced.

6. If your trailer is in dire need of repair it might be useful to get fiberglass repair tape. Unlike other tape the material in fiberglass tape was designed to stick to any surface, including metal, fiberglass, and wood.

7. Let the sealer and tape do its job and do not touch the part of the RV which has been worked on for at least four hours.

8. After you are done do a final inspection before getting on the road again.

Top Weekend Getaways Close to Fort Worth

Looking to get away this weekend but not sure you want to travel far? Luckily for you, living in Fort Worth provides you with plenty of options for great weekend trips with your RV. In this post we will share with you some of the top spots to take your RV for a weekend getaway.

Galveston Island, TX

galvestonFive hours south of Fort Worth you will find beautiful Galveston Island. Located in the Gulf of Mexico, Galveston is the perfect weekend getaway because it has beach, music, entertainment and plenty of family friendly fun. If you want to head down to Galveston with the family, make sure you take the kids to the The Galveston Children’s Museum. This museum offers plenty of educational activities in science, reading, math and more!

If you aren’t with kids, Galveston has a historic downtown district that is packed with plenty of amazing restaurants, shop and entertainment options. In addition to the downtown district, Galveston also offers tons of museums ranging from the Offshore Drilling Rig & Museum to the Galveston Railroad Museum. There is literally something fro everyone in Galveston!

As far as camping options go, we recommend the Galveston RV Resort. This resort features beach access, close proximity to attractions and a beautiful scenery. Other features include:

-Full Hookup RV Site (30/50 amp)
-Paved Roads
-Swimming Pool
-WiFI, Cable, TV Hookups
-Tiled Restrooms, Hot Showers
-Pull Through Sites

Austin, TX

AustinIf you live in Texas and have never been to Austin, you really should go! Only a three and a half hour drive from Fort Worth, Austin is not only one of the largest cities in the country, it is also one of the best!

Being a college town, some people think that it is only for young adults or college kids. If you let yourself think that, you will be missing out on all of the great attractions Austin has to offer. For starters, Austin is full of amazingly beautiful lakes and parks. If you are looking to take advantage of the great outdoors, make sure you stop by Lady Bird Lake or the Barton Springs Pool. Both have amazing scenery and feature tons of activities you can do with you or your family.

If you are looking for entertainment and shopping, look no further than historic Sixth Street. Pretty much anything you could want is on Sixth street. Breweries, restaurants, shops, entertainment venues, all of it! You could make an entire trip just off of sixth street alone!

If you want to camp in Austin, we recommend Pecan Grove RV park. This park has everything you need to set up camp while also providing a beautiful scenery.

Oklahoma City

okcIf you want to leave the great state of Texas, head north for the weekend and stop in Oklahoma City! One of the more underrated cities in America, Oklahoma City offers plenty of activities to keep you and your crew busy for the weekend.

A must see in Oklahoma City is the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum. One of the most appreciated museums in the country, you will get to experience the tragic events that took place during the Oklahoma City bombing. An important piece of history, the museum provides an emotional and special look at such a hard subject.

Oklahoma City is also home to one of the top zoo’s in the country. The Oklahoma City Zoo is plenty of fun for all ages and is sure to keep you family happy all day!

For RV camping in the area, we recommend Twin Fountains RV Park. This park includes plenty of family friendly activities, including a mini golf course!

United RV Center

We hope these trips will inspire you to hit the road this year and take advantage of weekend trips close to Fort Worth! If you need an RV or any parts, stop by United RV Center this weekend and let us help you get on your way to more traveling in 2016.

Save Money on Your Next Vacation

Taking a vacation in an RV is the best way to save money on a trip. Don’t just take our word for it. Google it and you will find that RV travel with a family of four is 27-62% less expensive than vacations that include hotel, airfare, and restaurant costs.

Of course the exact savings will depend on the nature of your travel. A lot of it depends on how long the trip is and what time of the year you are planning your adventure. Not to mention where you are going. According to many experts, the breakeven point is about 200 miles a day. If you drive less than that on average, an RV beats the traditional car/hotel vacation.

On one back of the napkin calculation, we found that accounting for an average hotel, airfare, and dining expenses a traditional vacation will cost around $181 per day. Compared to your average cost RV vacation factoring in campground rates, gas, groceries, etc. your daily cost is around $55 per day.


Save Money at the Pump!

Getting the most bang for your buck is important and that is why we have taken it one step further. Right now we have the first three of the largest expansive covered. Transportation, check you have an RV or you are going to get an RV. Lodging, check. Again, you have an RV they are pretty good for sleeping in! Food, check. Instead of dining out at a nice restaurant every night you are making meals with the family. Having a great time and saving a lot of money in the process.

Fuel is typically  the fourth largest expense on a road trip, behind the three aforementioned. It is something that you can actually save a lot of money on. How can you improve your fuel economy? Write down these tips and tricks and keep them in mind for you next RV vacation.

  1. Avoid Highways. First, and foremost the way you drive your RV will make all the difference. The key is not to  rush on the trip. Avoid driving fast and going back and forth between lanes. If you can avoid interstates then even better! In general, in a combustion engine vehicle, each 5 mph you drive over 60 mph can cost anywhere from 7 -23% more on fuel consumption. With gas prices what they are right now, it is equivalent to paying 10 cents more per gallon. So if you’re traveling down the Interstate at 75 mph add 30 cents to the price on the pump!
  2. RV in tip top Shape.  There are a lot of different types of maintenance you can do to make sure your RV is running at peak efficiency. A well tuned engine  can make all the difference and can be  up to 10% more efficient. Also, make sure your tires are properly inflated. Tires that are under inflated can cost you 3.75% in fuel economy and over inflated tires can be a safety concern. Check your manual and make sure you get air them up to the correct psi. Quality spark plugs are up to 12% more efficient and a clean air filter is up to 20% more efficient.
  3. Keep it Light. Pack lighter by not topping off fresh water tanks until at the campground and by purchasing firewood and other camping materials on-site to keep the RV lightweight while traveling. Don’t tow anything behind you. Don’t bring a ton of gear. Be sure holding tanks are dumped before heading out to further lighten the load. For every extra 250 lb’s of stuff you’re carrying you lose 1-2% of fuel efficiency.
  4. Fuel up when it’s cool.  At the pump you’re charged by volume; according to the laws of physics, fuel is most dense at cooler temperatures and fuel pumps measure volumes of fuel, not densities of fuel.  Filling up in the early AM is always better than filling up mid-day (unless it’s one of those crazy weather days). This one is argued by a lot of people and may only save you a tiny fraction of money. However, every cent matters and every cent adds up.

Remember, going easy on the gas pedal will save you the most money in the long run. Stop by United RV we have tons of great RVs, from big to small, old to new! Whatever you are looking for at United RV, we are sure to have something you want. If you are interested in learning more about how to save money on your next RV trip, then we will be happy to offer any tips we have come across over the years! Contact us with any questions.

Mexican Meatball Subs

It’s tailgating season and we are ready to provide you with all your RV tailgating needs. That’s why at United RV we are hosting a month long Tailgating Sales Event! The whole month of October we’ve got great discounts on new and used RV’s that are perfect for your tailgating needs. We also have all the best in game day gear and accessories.

Visit our website to find out more on our special offers, view our line of new and used RV’s, or shop our catalog of RV’s accessories. http://www.unitedrv.com

But what’s tailgating without some delicious food and snacks to go along with it. Here’s a great recipe from the Food Network for Mexican Meatball Subs. Dare to try something different than just chips and dip, or pizza and burgers. This recipe will leave you and your friends asking for more!

Mexican Meatball Subs
Yield:4 servings

Food Network

Food Network Mexican Meatball Subs


1 pound meatloaf mix ( ground beef, pork and veal)
1/4 cup finely crushed tortilla chips
1 large egg, beaten
1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro, plus 3 sprigs
1/4 cup finely chopped scallions, plus more for garnish (optional)
3 cloves garlic; 1 minced, 2 smashed
3 teaspoons ancho chili powder
2 teaspoons ground cumin
Kosher salt
1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
2 cups canned fire-roasted diced tomatoes
4 crusty sub rolls, halved and split open
Diced avocado and crumbled Mexican cheese, for garnish (optional)


Preheat the oven to 350. Mix the meat, tortilla chips, egg, chopped cilantro, 1/4 cup scallions, minced garlic, 1 teaspoon chili power, 1 teaspoon cumin, and salt to taste in a bowl. Roll into 16 small meatballs.

Heat the olive oil in a nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add the meatballs and lightly brown, turning as needed, about 5 minutes. Add the smashed garlic and the remaining 2 teaspoons chili powder and 1 teaspoon cumin; cook for 1 to 2 minutes. Add the tomatoes, cilantro sprigs and 1 1/2 cups water and season with salt. Bring to a simmer, then cover, reduce the heat to low and cook until the sauce thickens and the meatballs are tender, about 15 minutes.

About 5 minutes before the meatballs are done, toast the rolls in the oven. Place 2 roll halves in each of 4 shallow bowls and top with 4 meatballs. Drizzle with sauce, then pour the remaining sauce into the bowls. Top with avocado, cheese and/or scallions, if desired.

United RV at Southwest RV Supershow

United RV at Southwest RV Supershow

The largest RV show in Texas is going on now and United RV will be there! The Southwest RV Supershow started yesterday in Dallas, TX and runs through this Sunday. It’s the most anticipated RV show in the southwest being held at the Dallas Market Hall, 2200 N Stemmons Frwy in Dallas, TX.

This weekend, Dallas Market Hall welcomes RV dealers from all over the great state of Texas, showing off their latest and greatest RV’s on the market today. They’re featuring new model RV’s from luxury motor homes, to fifth wheels, and toy haulers. Top manufacturers are being represented from companies such as Laredo, Cardinal, Keystone, Dutchman, Coachman, and Airstream.

The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association has reported that RV sales are up almost 6% from this time last year, with toy hauler sales leading the pack and they will not be in short supply this weekend. Dealers will be on hand to showcase the newest lines of RV’s including Class A motor homes with updated luxury amenities, and Class C motor homes with updated floor plans and designs to appeal to the masses.

United RV will be showcasing our best model RV’s from Keystone, Forest River and more, including new 2016 models. Stop by our booth and check out our specials on RV services and repair, discounted accessories and special pricing on new travel trailers and fifth wheels! These deals are only available to RV show goers.

So, whether you are a new retiree, sports enthusiast, outdoor adventurer, young family, or just a camping connoisseur, there will be plenty of RV’s on hand to ooh and ahh over. United RV will be on hand to help you make the right buying decision to suit your RV lifestyle needs. The Southwest RV Supershow will be open Thursday, 17th from 10am-6pm, Friday and Saturday from 10am-8pm, and Sunday from 10am-6pm. Admission is $13.00 for adults, with special prices for children, senior citizens, and RV Club members. Visit the Southwest RV Supershow website for more information and to print your $2.00 off admission coupon! http://www.southwestrvsupershow.com

We’ll see you there!!

Top Camping Dangers In Texas

Top Camping Dangers in Texas

Texas is a great state to live in, work in, and play in.  Many people visit the Lone Star State to explore the diverse terrain,  experience the various cultures, and get a look at the life of a cowboy(well for some anyway).  So it’s no shock that hundreds of people flock to the state parks to camp out under the stars of the vast desert sky, some even go at it alone to truly take in the full experience of nature in the south.  But, there are a few things you should be aware of when camping alone.

The number one danger of camping alone in Texas, or anywhere for that matter, is injury and or illness.  When you have no one else to rely on, one wrong step can mean life or death.  If you set out to explore the wilderness on your own you have to be careful of where you are going and be mindful of what types of terrain you will encounter.  Setting out from your campsite can be dangerous, especially if it involves any type of rock climbing or hiking through a forested area where you could come across downed tree limbs or rocky trails.  Illness can come on quickly if you eat the wrong type of plant life, or get stung by a bee or bit by a snake and don’t have the opportunity to seek help.  One precaution you can take is to pack and carry a first aid kit wherever you go.  Snakes are common in the south so keeping a snake bite kit on hand is also a good precaution to take.  The quicker you can treat a wound the better chance you have of surviving until you can make contact or get to some place to seek proper medical attention.

Another danger of camping alone is not having communication.  Many places you camp at can either have zero or very limited cell phone service, especially if you decide to go backpacking or offsite from your campsite.  A couple things you can do if you lose cell phone reception or your phone dies, in preparation is notify your family and friends back home of your travel plans.  Set a time to check in every few days or so, that way if they don’t hear from you they can attempt to make contact at the last place you were scheduled to stay.  Also, you can notify a park ranger or park office manager if you decide to leave your campsite and give them a time frame of when to expect you back.  This way someone will be aware if you do not return when expected.  The more people who are involved, the better.

The other danger of camping alone is that you are ALONE. You have no help from anyone with carrying gear, setting up your campsites, navigating your way around, having anyone to talk to etc.  This leaves more tasks on your hands, which can be stressful and exhausting.  Make sure you get enough rest, take breaks when needed, and keep yourself hydrated.

Camping alone can be a thrilling and rewarding experience.  Many people do it to find solitude and reconnect with themselves and connect with nature.  If you plan to explore the great state of Texas on your own, hopefully these tips will provide a safer and more enjoyable experience for you.



Fun Outdoor Activities

Fun Outdoor ActivitiesSUP

Summer is here folks and its hotter than ever! This week isn’t looking to cool off anytime soon either.  So, if you are looking for things to do to cool off on the road here are a couple ideas for you to check out in the Fort Worth area.

Backwoods Paddle Sports

Located at 480 North Taylor in Fort Worth, TX Backwoods Paddle Sports is a company that offers fun water activities for the whole family.  They have rentals on Stand Up Paddleboards, kayaks and canoes; all fun water sports that keep you cool while keeping you in shape.  BPS rents by the hour and rates vary from $15 to $25 an hour depending on the activity.  Group tours are also available.  Backwoods Paddle Sports is open Tuesday through Sunday during the summer from 9am to 7pm.

Burgers Lake

Yes, that is the name of the actual lake.  Located at 1200 Meandering Road in Fort Worth, Burger’s Lake is a 30 acre park with 1 acre of spring fed lake, perfect for swimming and cooling off on a hot day.  The lake is formed through natural springs and filtered and chlorinated so it’s safe for visitors to swim in.  There are 2 soft sandy beaches, 6 diving boards including a small one for young children, a 20 foot waterslide, and a 25 foot trapeze that extends out over the lake.  You can also rent inner tubes so you can kick back and relax on the lake.

Burger’s Lake also has designated picnic areas with grills at over half so you can enjoy grilling out while you are there. Or you can grab a snack at their concession stand.   They also have sand and grass volleyball courts for those interested in non-water activities.  For more information on Burgers Lake, visit www.burgerslake.com

United RV Center

Whether you decide to go kayaking and canoeing or relax by the lake on these hot, hot days, you may need an RV to get not only you but your recreational gear from place to place this summer.  If you are in the market for a new travel trailer or toy hauler, you’re in luck! United RV has extended their summer sale and is offering special financing on all purchases of travel trailers and toy haulers.

The sale ends soon though so hurry on down to check out our stock, or give us a call to speak to one of our experienced sales staff!!! We’ll see you soon!